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2024 afar music conference

Afar Music has been helping musicians succeed in various styles of music for over 20 years, from jazz to hip-hop.


The Afar Music Conference is a two-day symposium of clinics held by some of the best Jazz and Pan-American educators in the Western Hemisphere. By discussing the pros and cons of the music environment, the conference’s overall goal is to help serve students of music much better. Discussing topics will allow for enlightenment on different subjects from several different educators with varying perspectives in the field. It will conclude with a component of instructional feedback for high school music students. Following this will be a 45-minute jam session.

day one - april 11

Jazz conversations & Education

Day one will focus on various topics, varying from Jazz Education in middle schools to Jazz Performance in the University System. It will also cover Jazz techniques in composing music such as the film industry and Egyptian music. Each clinician will have 15- 30 minutes to cover a specialty topic, and then a brief discussion will follow each presentation.


Jazz and Pan-American music has become a vital part of the University Music system and continues to grow rapidly branching over into many other genres of music. Because of this, all educators are welcome to the symposium, and the relevance of your style of music is not important. Our mission is to educate all those who wish to know more about both genres of music and topics that will advance music and education.

day two - april 12

pan-american diaspora of music

Day two will focus on a wide range of topics varying from “Salsa” Education and its definition to Universities' placement of Caribbean music and how it is notated. Also, the topics of how to pass on the music to the next generation while in a formal institution will also be discussed. Each clinician will have from 15-30min to cover a topic of their specialty, and then there will be a brief discussion after each presentation.

The Conference will culminate with a performance by the Dizzy Gillespie Latin All-Star Group. The Latin All-Star Group, led by John Lee, is a prominent and influential jazz formation. John Lee has been carrying on his legacy of education and performance for the past 25 years. The free concert will be held at the 375-seat venue at 555 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC.

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