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The Jazz Place has decided to open its doors to experienced musicians looking to record for FREE during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Via the form below or email submission.  You can have access to recording your music for free. Follow the guidelines and we look forward to working with you during this unprecedented time.

Gear on site:

Yamaha C3 6ft Piano  |  Baldwin 5ft Piano  |  Fendor Rhodes

Sonor Jazz Drum Kit Maple  |  Acoustic Bass

Piano Tuning $125

Ready to Record 

Thanks for submitting!
email to work with us remotely

studio details


Max seven (7) people

7 Hours 

Max limit of recording and setup



Minimum 15 day advance

call sheet

Send document with number of songs, set up etc. two (2) weeks in advance

hard drive

Storage should have at least 1TB


Both are allowed on site

no animals on-site
No smoking or illegal substances
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