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The Chicago Tribune has called Wojciechowski — known on the jazz scene as “Wojo” — “a commanding soloist, intriguing composer, and effective bandleader.” DownBeat has praised his playing for its “expressive mettle.” The Jazz Page proclaimed that he “possesses a big league tone on his axe that is a pleasure to hear. Likewise, his writing is first rate.”


Originally from Detroit, Wojciechowski (woe-jih-HOW-skee) has been a sought-after performer and educator on the Chicago scene for two decades. Featuring first-call accompanists in pianist Xavier Davis, bassist Clark Sommers and drummer Dana HallSwing of the Pendulum marks his next evolutionary step.


Swing of the Pendulum’s highlights, like “The Leaves Fall to the Ground,” “Peripheral Vision,” and “The Greater the Distance,” display Wojciechowski’s cardinal attributes as an artist. His sound is rounded and bold, with a captivating edge that cuts deep. He stays personal while maintaining a tether to the tenor tradition. Perhaps most importantly, Wojciechowski swings the music off its hinges.


“When I play music, what I’m trying to do is play the music that I hear,” Wojciechowski explains, with his Midwestern understatedness shining through. “Which is the result of the music that I have listened to, and the people I have been influenced by, and the different genres that I enjoy.”


Swing of the Pendulum

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